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Good Keywords

Good Keywords is a free Windows software tool for finding the ideal set of keywords for targeting your web pages.

The features of Good Keywords include:

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Find keywords that internet users are likely to use when they do a search. It can also suggest other keyword phrases.

Misspelled Words Tool

The misspelling generator can create misspellings of keywords. They may be generated based on a number of options including: duplicate characters, missing character, swapped characters and keyword proximity errors.

Web Page Explorer

Research the keyword density of any web page. You can also display the HTML source, HTTP Header, plain text, keyword density and more. You can also decide if it should follow redirects or if it should use an actual browser to fetch the page.

Keyword Phrase Builder

Use this to combine one or more words to generate a large number of keyword phrases. When generating the keyword phrases the software will maintain the same order of the word sets.

Site and Link Popularity Tool

This tool sllows you to examine the relative popularity of different sites. It includes Alexa Rank and links, age of the website, Google links, MSN links, and more.

Keyword Organizer

Organize your keywords and group them into Keyword sets. All the the keyword generation tools found in Good Keywords support exporting the keywords into the organizer.

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