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Google Trends

Google trends is a free tool used to compare keyword popularity over a period of time.
Up to five keywords can be queried simultaneously.


Trends data is collected from a sample of Google's search logs.
Search numbers for your keywords are then compared relative to the total number of searches over time. This data is represented in a graph known as the Search Volume Index.
Google trends data is updated daily.


In the Search Volume Index graph, Google news items are plotted amongst peaks.
Geographical details of the queries are also displayed, such as Regions, Subregions, Cities and Languages.

Scaling and Normalization

Data is scaled using the average traffic of the search term queried.
Data is also normalized to properly represent even distribution.

Time period of data

Time period of the data is from 2004 onwards and can be displayed as yearly, monthly or the past 30 days.

Hot Trends

Hot trends is an additional feature that provides a snapshot of the top 100 daily searches at Google. It also displays a list of related searches, news articles, web results, blog posts and the popularity peak of the keyword.
Hot trends data is updated hourly.

Language availability

Google trends is currently available in English and Chinese, Hot Trends in English.

Note: Graph numbers and spreadsheet export requires logging into your Google account.

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