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Keyword Discovery now contains over
36 billion
keyword searches.

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Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is a keyword research tool with a database of over 36 Billion search queries from over 200 search engines worldwide.

The features of Keyword Discovery include:

Keyword Research

Identifiy the most popular search terms that relate to your website.

Industry Keywords

Track the most popular search terms that are driving traffic to sites in various industries. This enables you to compare the keywords you are currently receiving traffic for, with that of your competitors in the same industry.

Spelling Mistake Research

Many people have difficulty spelling, make typing mistakes when entering keywords or simply write words in a different way. This tool can identify these keywords, which are often far less competitive than the correctly spelled keyword.

Seasonal Search Trends

Unlike most other keyword research tools, Keyword Discovery keeps a search history that spans a 12 month period. This allows you to examine seasonal trends.

Related Keywords

Find keywords that are closely related to your website's purpose, as well as different words or names that have the same meaning as other words due to regional or cultural differences.

KEI Analysis

Identify the best search terms to target with keyword analysis. You can view a range of statistics for each search term, including amount of competing web pages and KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Indicator).

Keyword Density Analysis

Check the density counts of the keywords used on your pages and identify the keywords that your competitors are targeting.

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