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Keywords Analyzer

Keywords Analyzer is a desktop software program that can generate huge lists of useful keywords.

The features of Keywords Analyzer include:

Import and Export

Import your pre-existing keyword lists, or export keyword lists made in Keywords Analyzer.

Keyword Statistics

Display the number of searches, number of competing results in google, KEI, the ratio, the number of campaigns in Google as well as many other search engines.

Google Bid Amounts

Display the first and third bid amount on Google.

Dig Deep

Begin with one keyword and dig down 10 or 20 layers, while adding to your keyword lists.

Country Specific

If your website markets in other countries, find out what they are buying.


Find new keywords you had not even considered.

Simple Filter

Narrow your keyword lists by specifying certain keywords to include.

Advanced Filter

Set a number of filters such as keywords that contain a specified word, less than or more than a certain number of adwords, and specify the number of results and searches.

Competition Monitoring

See how well your competition is doing at on page SEO and what it will take to do better.

Free Updates

Keywords Analyzer offers free updates for life as well as a 30 day guarantee.

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