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Keyword Discovery now contains over
36 billion
keyword searches.

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The new NicheBOT gives you access to a range of useful tools, as well as multiple keyword sources.

The features of NicheBOT include:

LSI Keyword Collector

Get Latent Semantic Indexing keyword research from Google. The LSI tool generates a list of keywords and groups them according to the information returned from Google.

Keyword Discovery

Gain access to 32 billion keywords from the top 180 Search Engines. Search from 1,000 - 10,000 keywords deep per primary keyword. Access to Premium Databases such as eBay, shopping, news networks, a unique database comprised of a private panel of web surfers, and other country specific databases.

The Count Collector

Import a text file or drop a keyword list from your desktop into the form field and get a keyword count for as many keywords as you want.

Pay-Per-Click Collector

Pull in Google Adwords Cost Per Click, Adwords Position for that CPC, Adwords Clicks Per Day, Enhance top bid, Enhance number of campaigns, Miva top bid, and Miva number of campaigns.  Able to acquire PPC data from a thousand keywords at once.  After you retrieve the data, you can choose from different criteria to filter the data.

WordTracker Keyword Results

Search the Top 50 results with the unlimited use tool.

WordTracker 4-in-1 Premium

Use WordTracker's database and discover up to the top 500 keyword phrases for your primary keyword. Includes embedded phrase popularity and lateral keyphrases.

WordTracker Thesaurus

Returns the top 50 keywords with a similar meaning as your primary keyword.

Keyword Filtering

Filter your list when necessary using many different filters including: competition, count, KEI, Ratio, positive or negative keywords, keyword phrases for a certain length, Google Adwords Average Cost Per Click, and Position of Adwords.

Project Folder Management

Organize, sort and store all of your keywords and keyword projects in the "Basket" system.  Keep your Main Folder clutter free and your tasks separated - all reachable with a single click.

Keyword Basket

Import keywords, create keyword lists and then use Instant Keyword Filtering to only select the keywords matching your criteria.  Backup your keyword list with the Export Tool that lets you choose how you want to see your CSV or text file.

Google / Yahoo / MSN Keyword Analysis

View the top 10-50 site results as well as the url, number of backlinks, number of pages indexed and the PageRank of that URL page.

Keyword Density

Run a keyword density report on multiple URL's or one comprehensive analysis of a single web page broken down into a report.

Google / Yahoo / MSN Keyword Rankings

This tool shows your website's position in  Google and Yahoo for a keyword or list of keywords.

Google Keyword Cruncher

Acquire keywords from the Google and generate a list.  Then you can combine all the lists you create to remove duplicates.

Keyword List Cleaner

Can filter and clean up your keyword lists in 11 different ways, including: removing duplicate words, filtering out adult or obscene terms, removing unnecessary spaces or characters, adjusting character cases, filtering by number of words and more.  It can also present your keywords in brackets or quotes.

The Niche Product Locator

Look through ClickBank or use this tool to identify the perfect joint venture sites and products.


This system allows you to sort your keyword lists alphabetically, by search demand count, KEI, Google competition count, and in ascending and descending orders.

Comparative Competition Analysis

You can retrieve Google competition counts and do comparative analysis of this information.  This automates the process of identifying prime keywords that have high search volumes but low levels of competition.

Misspelling Generator

Generate lists of keyword misspellings.

Domain Name Availability

Once you've identified the keywords you want to use you can also find out if a domain name using those same keywords is available.

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