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NicheBOT Classic

NicheBOT Classic is the original NicheBOT. Many people prefer the simplicity of NicheBOT Classic, and the fact that it is free.

The features of NicheBOT Classic include:

Top Keyword Listings

Access to keywords from WordTracker and Keyword Discovery databases.

Thesaurus Keyword Search

Powered by WordTracker, get the top 50 synonyms for a keyword, helping to discover new related keywords.

Keyword Analysis

Type a keyword or phrase and get quick information on the top 10 sites on for that keyword.

Keyword Ranking

Locate your top keyword listings on the search engines by entering a keyword phrase and your website below.

Free Account

If you make a free account you will not have to enter the captcha every time, and you will have the ability to save your keyword searches.

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