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Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is a free service designed for Overture/Yahoo PPC (Pay per click) campaigns but is also popular as a general keyword research tool.


Overture combine popular related keyword terms into their most common form. These merged results include misspellings, hyphenated terms, punctuation variations, singular and plural combinations.

For example, "hotel" is the same as "hotels" and "fly" is the same as "flies.

Overture does this to simplify potential search numbers for PPC advertisers without having to target every single keyword variation.

Unfortunately this makes the tool less reliable for organic SEO and other PPC networks such as Google Adwords.


Extensive number of regional databases such as Australia, UK, USA etc.
Useful in targeting geographical markets.


Overture results are updated monthly, last update being January 2007.

Note: Overture has since discontinued this tool.